Food Design

At the home gourmet, we know that food is eaten with the eyes before it is tasted on the tongue.

We strive to create food that is so visually impeccable that it is already remembered long before it is even tasted... and long after.

An artistic approach

Our food is designed and put together to feed the eyes, as well as the taste buds. Our chefs and visual consultants come from a diverse background ranging from art, to theatre and architecture all helping to create never-before-seen ideas as well as some classic favourites with a twist! We don't only match seasonal foods and flavours, but we consider the importance of colour, shape and texture to create the most sublime canapés, meals and tastes found anywhere.

Food innovations

The Home Gourmet works closely with many of London's food innovators to create some of the most inventive and memorable food ever tasted. We think out-of-the-box, using seemingly impossibly sourced ingredients that you simply won't find elsewhere from crackle dust, to edible smoke, our food innovations will blow you away!