International Services

Following on from our growing holiday at home service, we are proud to launch our international services.

Exemplary hospitality doesn’t always transcend international borders, why not take us with you?

Hospitality secondment & peace of mind

The Gourmet Group's international arm is proud to offer our clients an international solution to international hospitality staffing and services. Whether it is a privately owned house or vessel, or a rented one purely for a vacation we can provide our wealth of experienced house staff for everything from in house chefs to butlers giving you the gourmet experience when you're there and peace of mind when you're not. Every permanent international customer has a UK based account manager to deal with your property requirements. For further information please contact

Holiday or retreat, owner or renter

Whether you are a self-catering renter who would like to take the gourmet experience to your holiday destination, or a private owner who is looking for a more permanent solution to staffing, managerial and catering solutions for your private home we can second our British staff with their wealth of experience and adaptability to international situations. Why not put your faith in us to take your holidays and international homes to dizzy new heights.